We advocate for adequate food and nutrition as a fundamental human right.

Our Vision

Those experiencing and at-risk of food insecurity to take the lead in determining and shaping the public policies and strategies used to improve their situations.

The UN Right to Food is enshrined in domestic laws, justiciable, and respected, protected and fulfilled in our countries.

Labor policy ensuring workers are paid livable wages with universal income security and responsive government social protections programs available to all.

Charitable food banks and other food aid providers develop exit strategies while promoting alternative solutions to reduce the amount of corporate food waste they distribute.

Our countries to invest in local and regional food and farm economies as paths towards ending hunger, cooling the planet, and achieving food security for all.

Rights Not Charity Podcast Series

Welcome to Rights Not Charity. This podcast series is about a big idea—ensuring everyone has enough food; not as a charitable gift, but as a fundamental human right.

We are the Global Solidarity Alliance for Food, Health, and Social Justice. We’re a growing collective of foodbank workers, researchers and public policy advocates, and this podcast represents our voices.