Our Work

How We Work Together

  • Building a shared analysis of the increasing use of charitable food aid, private philanthropy, and transnational corporate food banking as a flawed response to hunger and poverty.
  • Building collective strategies of resistance and alternative models and practices to promote the fulfillment of the right to nutritious food in our respective parts of the world.
  • Building global solidarity with and accompanying our global allies who have long felt the perverse effects of resource extraction and colonialism, upheld through racism and white supremacy, by our governments thereby opening collective pathways to authentic struggle for food sovereignty as a right of all people everywhere.

Three Core Strategies

Research & Policy Change

In recent decades, considerable research has documented the extent, causes of, and solutions to, household food insecurity in different regions. Our approach is informed by this ever-growing body of research, especially that which highlights helpful or harmful policies. Gaps remain, however, and as an alliance we are leveraging our international perspectives and networks to commission and contribute to research that furthers genuine solutions to hunger and poverty. We particularly seek to develop research that builds connections across different geographies and between academia and grassroots collaborators. Knowing that Big Food/Retail are funding research to suit their agenda of expanding charity (while justifying harmful and unjust food system practices), we will never accept funding from food corporations for our research.

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Narrative change

As we detail in our manifesto, we believe that ending hunger requires far more than food charity. Many organisations have known for decades that food insecurity, especially in wealthy countries, results not simply from a lack of food, but from a lack of equity and fairness in our food and economic systems. We aim to challenge dominant understandings of food insecurity and hunger as issues of personal failure or matters for charitable intervention, by instead highlighting root causes of the poverty that underlies hunger. Who benefits from harmful and unfair food systems, and how can we tell a different story, with alternative policy and practice that supports a genuine right to food for all?

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Solidarity with grassroots movements

We will work to build and strengthen networks of individuals, organisations and movements actively working to transform unjust food system conditions. We will amplify diverse voices and campaigns seeking just, equitable food systems by giving our collective voice and material support to their transformative campaigns and work.

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