Our Members


Laura Castrejon Violante, PhD student, University of British Columbia, castrejonviolante.laura@gmail.com

Jade Guthrie, Program Coordinator, FoodShare Toronto, jade@foodshare.net

Graham Riches, Professor Emeritus of Social Work, University of British Columbia, graham.riches@ubc.ca

Paul Taylor, Executive Director, FoodShare Toronto, paul@foodshare.net

Audrey Tung, PhD student, University of Victoria, agtung94@gmail.com


Emily Mattheisen FIAN International

United Kingdom

David Beck, Lecturer of Social Policy, University of Salford, Manchester, D.J.Beck@salford.ac.uk

Kayleigh Garthwaite, Associate Professor of Social Policy, University of Birmingham, and trustee of Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN), UK, K.Garthwaite@bham.ac.uk

Sabine Goodwin, Coordinator Independent Food Aid Network (IFAN), UK, sabinegoodwin@gmail.com

Ben Pearson

Deirdre Woods

United States

Suzanne Babb Co-Director US Programs, WhyHunger suzanne@whyhunger.org

Anthony Capece, Elijah’s Promise

Alison Meares Cohen, alisoncohenrtf@gmail.com

Rebecca de Souza, Professor, University of Minnesota, Duluth, rdesouza@d.umn.edu

Maggie Dickinson, Professor, Guttman Community College – CUNY, maggie.dickinson@gmail.com

Andy Fisher, Exec Director, Ecological Farming Assn, andyfisher.pdx@gmail.com

Deborah Hill, Communications Strategist, Duke World Food Policy Center, dahill@duke.edu

Joshua Lohnes, Food Policy Research Director, WVU Center for Resilient Communities, jlohnes@mail.wvu.edu

Amanda Nickey, CEO, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, amanda@mhcfoodpantry.org

Robert Ojeda, Chief Program Officer, Community Food Bank of Southern AZ, rojeda@communityfoodbank.org

Janet Poppendieck, Professor Emerita of Sociology; Senior Fellow Hunter College and CUNY Urban Food Policy Institute, City University of New York, janpoppend@gmail.com

Gizem Templeton, Associate in Research, Duke World Food Policy Center gizem.templeton@duke.edu

Laura Titzer, Community Initiatives Manager, Northwest Harvest

Daniel Warshawsky, Associate Professor, Wright State University daniel.warshawsky@wright.edu

Christina Wong, Director of Public Policy & Advocacy, Northwest Harvest, christinaw@northwestharvest.org

Sarah Zoubek, Associate Director, Duke World Food Policy Center

Jen Zuckerman, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Duke World Food Policy Center, jennifer.zuckerman@duke.edu